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One-stop online shopping and Thousands of products

We built our first production factory in Hangzhou, 2010, and established partnership with hundreds of companies around the world. Now we can provide thousands kinds of parts and assemblies. In last decade, we have been focusing on the production and development of Chainsaws and String trimmers and Blowers and etc.

We are committed to creating this one-stop online shopping mall that encompasses thousands of products to a world-class level by developing hundreds of new products and more convenient logistics and better services through annual R&D.

The key to our rapid growth and development comes from our management’s ethos of premium quality, innovation and being customer-focused. Our company is a leader in Garden equipment & Agricultural machinery industry.

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General Contracting

General Contracting

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Contract Types

Contract Types

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Faster Delivery

Faster Delivery

Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours, arrival within 15 days.

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The Company Promise

We provide a 30 days money back guarantee(from the day you received the product), up to 24 months manufacturer warranty, and lifetime tech support for all of our products. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Testimonials

Equipment maintenance is a big expense for our small business. Fortunately, we have established good cooperation with neo-tec very early.

Miroslav Karhan

Manager Constructor

Last time we submit an inquiry for a new product and received it about 1 month after. The crazy thing is, another 2 months after, they were selling it online.


Director of Operations

I love the idea--“Small and Multiple”. Honestly speaking, I didn't realize we can keep reducing the inventory capacity limit season by season for taking the idea as a business strategy.

Mr. Khan

CEO / Co-Founder

Replacing the whole equipment or one part is not a hard decision for now. Last year, we even replaced all old into more powerful equipment for the whole work-group.

Mr. Daniel

Manor Owner

I have purchased products for last 3 years. Everything looks fine to me.


Grocery store owner

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